I guess love’s a funny thing…the way it fades away without a warning.

On Love,

This is where you have to start right? This is where it all begins and ends. At least that’s how I see it. Without love there’s not much of a purpose to things. Love is what binds hearts together and that’s part of our purpose I think.

To create a web of hearts spiraling outwards from ours, connected by the moments where we form a connection. Those moments where our hearts touch for just a moment, that’s what it’s all about in the end. I want you to feel my heart beating besides yours and feel the radiance enveloping you. What else really compares? What sort of feeling matches that?

I could sit and ponder and write about all the intricacies of love and how you know when you’re in love and what qualifies as love. But that’s not how love works, it’s a personal thing for everyone (duh). How I want to express love and you want to are different things.

I’m not an outwardly emotional kind of guy. Inside I’m a complete ball of thoughts and ramblings and emotions boiling over; but a pretty even face outside. That said, i still love people; individuals and as a whole. I’m just not the sort to go on publicly about it. If I share some sort of love for you, you’ll know. Mostly by the unrelenting feeling on ease at doing whatever I can for you. To me, helping those I love isn’t a question to be answered, a question to be pondered; it’s a general feeling of weightlessness as I get to do something for someone, make theirs lives a little bit easier. And that’s what fills my heart up, How about you?

Je T’aime


One response to “I guess love’s a funny thing…the way it fades away without a warning.

  1. Love is the instant eye contact as the syllables of your name hang from your lovers lips. It’s having your breath sucked from your chest when they look back. It’s dilated pupils, hands grasping sheets, euphoric desensitization of your brain when they touch you anywhere. It’s lip tremors as you speak, and an unspoken magnetic reaction when you are in the same room. It’s missing them before they leave, and wanting…needing to anticipate their aches and woes to prevent them from feeling anything but love from you. It’s constant hunger for their soul, it’s starvation for their thoughts, continuous appetite for their life story. I don’t fall in love a little bit I fall in love brimming, drowning, and completely. I am me for them.

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